Site Login Broken, Enough BS

Someone went and changed everything just for the sake of changing it again?

I cannot login to this account using the login screen or popup, I had to go through the lost-my-passwork email link, at which point I entered the password and was logged on. It was the same password, once I log out it will not work again.

Funny thing is, it's not as irritating that I'll end up losing the account as it is that it'll be lost because people keep screwing up what worked. Change is not good, this is a terribly cluttered forum now. Who needs to see links to several different countries at the bottom of each page, 6 rows of animated icons moving around, and the same links taking up 1/3rd of every page?

At least the text boxes are wider than on some forums, but apparently that doesn't matter as much as the other factors as 9 times out of ten I just say **** it and don't go through the hassle of login through the email link or creating a new account.

It's a shame really, there are so many good examples of how to do a forum on the web, and all these Bestofmedia 'sites are hideously designed. Oh well, guess this is why I don't come around much anymore. Adios.
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  1. This might sound like a cop-out, but a distinct possibility nonetheless...

    Could it have something to do with your current system? I've had to use the login from many systems scattered all over the place. There have been times when it worked wonderfully and times where every time I visited I had to re-log, which is understandably very frustrating.

    What browser are you using? Are you blocking cookies? Somewhere to start, I guess =)
  2. I'm on several systems day to day, none login. Usually Firefox (now @ v3.0.7 but same problem with prior versions), or IE7, occasionally IE6. Cookies aren't blocked, I can clear them and see one created.

    Right now I am only logged in because I'm on the same system I followed an email link from. If I log out, the main login will not work, but if I go to the lost-password feature and it emails a link, I can then login with the new password even if it is the same as the old password.

    I'm starting to suspect the problem is they re-did the login system requiring people to have a username with 3 characters or more, ignoring that there are users existing with fewer characters, so it rejects any valid, existing account username with fewer characters. I mean they redid it months ago if not longer, most of the time I don't even bother trying to remember what trick I need to login but I do recall this issue didn't start recently.
  3. Well they just want to sync it with presence pc, the french forum. I don't know why.
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