Upgrade Windows 7 32 bit to 64

I have Windows 7 -32 bit on a laptop that can support 2 hard drives.
I plan to get a solid state hard drive as the second drive and then switch to windows 7 64 bit.
How do I best go about this
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  1. DO a clean install with a 64 bit os disc onto the ssd!

    tecmo34 has some nice info here!

  2. Do I need to adjust anything in the BIOS or worry about Drivers, etc.?

    After installing the 64 Bit system on the SSD drive, how can I best start transferring things to the 64 Bit system in order to gradually swtich over completely to the 64 bit version?
  3. I don't believe any BIOS settings are needed. As far as drivers, as long as the system was made within the past few years (maybe 3-4yrs), there should be 64-bit drivers. Go to the hardware manufacturer's website and download them there.

    Also, just about all programs in use today are compatible with 64-bit OSes - only poorly written programs that are old or 16-bit programs won't work. Also, if you have an older printer that only has a 32-bit driver, it WILL NOT WORK on a 64-bit OS.

    If you have your main drive connected when you install windows 7 on the ssd, beware that it will see your existing install and set up a dualboot - I bet this is NOT what you want. I'd disconnect the existing HD, install Windows on the SSD (as the primary drive), and then connect the existing HD as second. Reformat the second drive to remove the OS from it (after backing up your files of course). In Windows 7, if your right-click folders like Documents in the start menu and hit properties, you can change the main folder to one that's on the HD, which presumably you want to do given that SSDs have limited space.
  4. I disconnected the original hard drive while I installed the 64 bit system on the SSD drive. Everything went fine. I also installed Easy BCD to allow me to boot to either one of the operating systems once I reinstalled the original hard drive (after the 64 bit system was up and running.
    I did this as I know it will take me some time to reinstall all of my programs onto the 64 bit system and get all the new drivers for printers, scanners, etc.
    This has worked fine so far except it has taken me a while to figure out exactly which drivers were needed for the basis Dell M6500. At first I couldn't get onto the onternet as there were missing network drivers.
    The only one I seem to be missing now is a driver for "Broadcom USH w/touch sensor". I've installed several Broadcom Drivers but they don't seem to be the right ones. I'll keep plodding away.
    Also "System Mechanic Pro" does not want to work on the 64 bit system. I'm getting several error - "access violation" messages. This might have something to do with the dual boot setup and presence of Easy BCD? I'll contact their tech support today.
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