Lets try this again.... Is this futureproof?

Foxconn 955X7AA Motherboard

Asus Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS w/ Free Copy of GRAW

G-Skill 2GB 5-5-5-15 Timings DDR2 800 Memory

Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 W/ Free copy of GRAW... Oh crap what will I do w/ 2 copies?

So yet again is this future proof for a few years? Will this run Crysis well? I dont see why not. The only thing Im not sure about is the exact ram I picked and the exact motherboard I picked. But yet again I wont be overclocking and I dont need SLI.

Also as I said before I have a case, monitor, keyboard, mouse, 700Watt Quad Rail Thermaltake PSU, IDE Hard drive I will use for now and a dvd rom drive. Any thoughts?

Thanks again gentlemen..... and ladies. :P
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  1. looks fine. tho i dont think it will play the new games in 2 years at best quality but that is how it is with all hardware and thank god for that - it will be future proof yes
  2. there is a thread elsewhere on this board, in the top ten in fact, where the compatability of C2D with that Foxconn board is questioned.

    Turns out they are not compatable, the AB variant is needed not the AA.

    I'd tried googleing for the answer earlier, and couldn't find it, in fact couldn't find anything, but I do recall a review mentioning it ages ago.
  3. There is no such thing as future-proof when dealing with PC's, technology is emerging so fast that the parts i ordered from newegg were outdated before UPS could get them off the truck.............!
    So either you sit around and wait for the next best thing or you get the best of what's available and be happy with it.
    The Core 2 Duo is a fine CPU, but i would step-up to the 6400.
    The latest motherboard is the 680i and you can find it here:
    The 8800 series graphic cards are the latest and greatest, but they don't start to shine until you've exceeded the capabilities of the 7000 series, top-shelf graphics cards simply allow higher screen resolutions, more detail and higher fps when using big screen monitors.
    in this case you're also getting the latest 3d rendering technology and support for DirectX/10 after you upgrade to Vista, without Vista you will never realize the full capability of the 8800 series graphic cards.
    Goto Intel's home page and punch up the "qualified vendors list" for your CPU, it will tell you who, what, where, when and why of RAM choices.
    You can't just pick stuff out and say " gosh, i hope this stuff's compatible", do your homework, learn about RAM timing, BIOS tweaking, Overclocking, etc, etc.
    You may never perform any of these functions but it will help you to understand how your system works.......
    Sorry for running off at the mouth, just want to see you better yourself!
  4. I think bullaRh is right. In 1 year it will be midrange and in 2 years it will be low end.
  5. how about lets NOT try this again and spam the board? Your other thread is a couple of spots right above this thread

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