Problem: system no sound , need help

Ok, i spended few hours and try to fix my sound problem on my asus a7n8x deluxe system, but nothing works and finanlly give up come here for help
I am use to onboard sound deivce not pci card, no front panel sound. what i have done: uninstall the sound drivers, reinstall it after reboot,nosound.
There is no error occur during and instance. no matter what i play is a mp3 file or avi, dvd files, play it from dvd rom or my harddrive, it just no sound comes out .
I am 100% sure that i connected my headphone to the right place, and my headphone is working perfectly. even though i got no sound, but my microphone is working, i chated with someone one the internet, they can hear my voice, but i cann't hear anything.
Furthermore, i did everything in the sound and audio device panel, there just no sound comes out.

anyone can help me and give me an advice?

My system :
mobo:a7n8x deluxe
cpu: amd 3200+
hardrive :40gb WD
video card: agp PNY fx 5200
ram: corair select volume 2x512 mb
help!! thanks :( :(
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  1. What OS are you using? I have a similiar sysem I use for testing and it
    has both the onboard nVidia sound and a PCI SB Live installed. First thing
    I'd check is if the correct driver is installed and the OS has enabled it. Some
    times even though you've reinstalled the driver, the OS still won't enable the
    device for various reasons, ie. IRQ/DMA conflicts, incorrect permissons in
    the registry for the vendor, etc. Here's a simple check to perform: Uninstall
    the nVidia drivers, do a system restart. At the POST screen, enter the BIOS
    setup and disable the onboard audio. Restart the system and have the OS
    boot. Shutdown and again at the POST screen, reenable the onboard audio
    in the BIOS. Restart and see if the OS detects the hardware change. If so,
    reinstall the drivers. This will tell you whether the OS is seeing the device
    properly. If your sound still doesn't work, you may have a bad sound chip,
    a broken output connector, etc. The SB Live drivers used to enable digital
    output by default and alot folks thought their board was bad until they
    unchecked this option... :-) I'm fairly sure the nVidia drivers don't have
    this option.
  2. thanks for your advice. My system is windows xp home with sp2. after i did exactly as you told me, the system recognized the new hardware. i following the steps installed the sound drive, reboot, and still no sound. i was wondering that if i have a bad sound chip, but why my microphone still working fine? are these two plugs suppose to belong to the same chip?
    another question. if i go get a new PCI sound card, the onboard sound card not going to affect it ,right?
  3. May also want to check speaker config if using a 3 rd. party audio manager , like Realtek audio . Check your Audio I/O.
    Try turning off DTS interactive , Dolby Digital live , and such , if those options are available. Just some ideas to check.
  4. Of course you can use a PCI sound card if you have an available slot. Just
    disable the onboard audio chip in the BIOS and you should be good to go.
    I know this is lame question, but I'm assuming that you've checked the
    sound / volume control panel and made sure that the wave output is enabled
    and that mute is not enabled? I think you mentioned that you were online
    and that someone could hear your microphone but you could not hear them.
    What application were you using? I've had problems with Teamspeak in the
    past where my microphone was 'dead', but I could hear other folks and
    vice versa. This was on an Intel setup running Soundmax. There was a
    setting that was always getting changed when I did any video capturing by
    that app. I always had to go back into the audio control panel and reset
    the default devices for some reason. ...
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