RAID0 Hitachi 7K160 Vs Hitachi T7K500

I want to change my curent hdd Maxtor 250Gb Sata150 with 16mb

I have to choice betwin a single 320Gb hdd or a Raid0 with 2*160gb .

1) So, i am thinking to get 2 Hitachi 7K160 with 160gb platters 8mb cache and make a Raid0 .
Will this significantly improve the speed in loading games, and multi tasking compared to a single Hitachi T7K500 320Gb with 160gb platters and 16mb cache ?

2) I never had hitachi before. Are they loud in seek mode compared to maxtor, samsung, western, and segate . Please make a TOP5 from the loudest to the qouiet one :P

I cant spend more then 120Euros so i must stick to this sizes ( 2*160 or single 320 ) The hdd space it not so important, 160 will be ok if the speed is very high in raid compared to single 320 drive.
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  1. Neither will make a big performance difference for you, and you would only be increasing your storage by 70GB. What's the matter with your current drive?
  2. nothing is rong with my hdd but i have it from almoust one yar now , and i want something new.

    As i can see here raid will not bring me more performance. i will get a single drive in this case

    So, what should i get ?

    Hitachi T7K500 ?
    Samsung P series ?
    WD KS serie ?
    Or Seagate 7200.10 ?
  3. If you want to get something useful, get more RAM.
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