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I'm setting up 2 SMC wireless WDS routers (smcwbr14-g2) with a westell 2200 dsl modem using PPPoE, several PCs and a xbox. Router #1 will be the access point for all PCs and connects to the internet through modem. Router #2 will be the bridge for the xbox to connect wirelessly to router #1 for internet access. I've read Tim Higgins' articles on WDS but have some questions. My installation is similar to his "One-hop" example "Figure 2" under "How to:Setting up WDS Bridging/Repeating". I have WDS router #1 up and running. My questions:
1. When configuring WDS#2 WAN do I enter the same PPPoE info as WDS#1?
2. When using MAC filtering do I have to relist the MACs again here or is it already included because it's listed under WDS?
3. Does the IP of WDS#1 become the gateway IP for WDS#2?
4. How do I forward ports between the two routers for the xbox?
Any other help or ideas would be appreciated.
Thanks a mil
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  1. Bridging is transparent. None of your questions are relevant. Think of the bridge as a literal extension of your parent device. It's needs no gateway because IT does not go out to the internet. All a bridge does is pass information. Does look at the packets, examine or give a flying crap about them. Bridge says hey I have a packet, and hands off to the other bridge. The only reason it needs an IP at all is simply to configure it. Once you've done that and it's working (passing data) then your done with it. COnsider your machines that run off that bridge as if they are physically attached to the parent device.
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