Damned Language Popup

Please,please,please get rid of that annoying popup asking me what language I would like.
Asking once is enough. Asking multiple times one a single visit is just plain rude!
To say its annoying is an understatement.
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  1. MrHull,

    Are you blocking all cookies? If so, this is why it's popping up. It's only ever popped up once for me, and is meant as a service to the international users who'd like to be taken straight to their localized version of the site each time they visit =)

    All the best,
  2. Clearing cookies or blocking cookies will do that. Alternatively, you could simply visit the www.tomshardware.com/us URL and you should never get the popup.
  3. Ok, this popup always occurs when trying to send PMs, and there is no way around it. Cookies or anything doesn't work.

    EDIT: Must have been a temporary issue, I just managed to send a PM then.
  4. I want to bring this back to the discussion. For those of us who clear our browsers upon every close this popup is very annoying.

    Also, on my new Droid smartphone it pops up every time I 'back' to the homepage.

    IMO it's a major design flaw of this otherwise excellent site...
  5. And what solution do you propose?
  6. Pop ups are never a solution to any problem. Pop-up blockers are almost as old as the pop up for a reason.

    Most other sites that need to be "international" choose a main language and offer a selection tool (often visually indicated by country flags) to select another language.

    Honestly, I am surprised that I have to point out that pop-ups are universally disliked and a sure road to annoy your visitors. Does this really need to be explained?

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