Antec Titan/Thermaltake Tsunami or other?


I’m currently weighing up case & PSU options for a new system build.

I’m less worried about flashing lights and transparent panels, but I do want a good quality case that has plenty of room, a good airflow and is easy to work on. Once it’s built I’m not planning on moving the PC from place to place.

I’m considering a Thermaltake Tsunami Dream and a Hiper 580W Modular PSU which together cost £133 UK Pounds.

However, I could go for something like the Antec Titan 550 Tower Case 550W TruePower PSU which should do the job for £112 UK Pounds (not sure if I would need to add any extra fans though).

Which would you go for? Any better options costing the same or less?

Thank you.
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  1. Thank you for the input mpilchfamily.

  2. I personnely like Thermaltake products, I like their esthetic but it obviously has not bearing on performences. That said, I know quite a few people using one brand or the other and they are satisfied with their purchases. Both brand make quality products and in the end, like the previous poster stated, it's a matter of personnel preferences.
  3. I currently have the Thermaltake Tsunami case and I'm quite pleased with it. It does have a few minor flaws though and I'll tell you what they are so you know what to expect from it. The 5.25 bays are made out of aluminium so beware of bending the drive bay faceplate when putting the drives in (happened to me no biggie though). The case lock on the front door fell apart (this erked me because they can't seem to tighten a screw properly) but it has no real funtionallity so take this with a grain of salt. Oh and the topside USB ports and such probably won't work with any mobo out there (went to hook up mine and the plug-in was built wrong, erked me also), it can also get in the way of a PSU. Might have to turn PSU upside down to get the screw holes to line up (no biggie unless you have a PSU with a fan on the "bottom" 8O ). Also the case doesn't come with enough standoffs if you're using an Intel P4 based mobo (didn't bother me because I've got an AMD in my rig). And the plastic drive bay cover at the top of the 5.25 bays is probably going to be destroyed when you try to remove it due to a hinge from the dual front door setup getting in the way (happened to me and I was erked :x ). Also the tool-less PCI slot feature is outright useless so go agead and take it out (not like you need it after install anyway) Othewise the case has several good things about it. The side panle can be locked shut and has an intrusion alarm on it. Also, if you are lazy like I and take the thumb screws off the back of the case that hold the side panle in place, you can just press the 2 buttons that hold the side panle in place and pop it off quickly and easily (helpful feature as I'm in my case daily :tongue: ) and it goes back on just as quickly. And if you get the version that has the clear side panle (great feature in my opinion :tongue: ) the case comes with a 90mm fan that blows directly on the CPU HSF. Also has a very great feature in my opinion a removable HDD cage (room for 5 3.5 HDD's) and a removable FDD cage (room for 1 3.5 FDD and 1 3.5 HDD). This greatly speeds up install times as you can quickly access the screw holes on the otherside of your drives. Also for 5.25 drives the case comes with slide rails that fit 5.25 drive and you literally just slide the drive into place as easy as pie :tongue: . A very well put together and designed case in my opinion, but it needs somethings fixed is all. I believe that it is worth every penny you spend on it.

    Now onto the PSU. Both are really good PSU's, but if you can afford it I'd highly recommend you by a PC Power & Cooling PSU. The PC Power & Cooling PSU's are rated based on their continuous output at 50C, which is very close to actual internal case temps when all things are considered. My 510w PSU from PC Power & Cooling actually has a max rating of 650w but it was rated for 510w at 50C. Depending on which modle of PC Power & Cooling PSU you are looking at prices vary any where from $175-$600 USD. My Turbo Cool SLi 510w cost me $225. I'll post the link to newegg so you can get an idea of what you're getting for your money. Now PC Power & Cooling PSU's aren't the absolute best, but for what you get out of your money (including a 5 year warranty and great customer service) they are bar none the best PSU you can buy period in my opinion.

    Hope this helps :wink:
  4. Spartan... do us a favor, and follow a nice little buisness rule of thumb... no paragraphs over 10 lines... it really detracts from the reading experience... seems like a whole block of words that I really don't want to wade through...

    Original question wise, depends if you want Modular or not. Both of your choices would be fine, if you really want a modular, than the Hiper with the TT case will be fine, otherwise stick with the Antec. All are good brands, and they all have decent performance...

    Also, cases depend a lot on which you think looks better. Shrug
  5. Well Spartan, sounds as though you felt a bit "erked" around by your case experience :lol: Are there any cases without these drawbacks?

    Doughbuy, I'm not fixated on having a modular PSU - it just sounds a nice option. I suppose if I get the Antec the PSU will already be fitted which will save me some time.

    Thank you all (inc. FatCat) for the input.
  6. No there really aren't any perfect cases out there. While some cases don't have these minor issues they make up for it with on single major issue. Now I don't mean to say the Tsunami is a bad case, its just that some of these things seemed to be just smacking me in the face obvious. Now to put this in context I had been up for 36hrs when I began to assemble my PC and those problems with the case just jumped out at me. Now your experience could be very different with the Tsunami, I just wanted to let you know the minor details that this case has. 2 cases that I've seen and would recommend over the Tsunami if assethetics don't concern you are the Antec P-160 or the Antec P-180. Both are very well designed and my friends really enjoy them. I also enjoy my Tsunami, but it can be a headache sometimes.

    Hope this helps!
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