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hey every1, i need some serious help, i brought a brand new HDD, motherboard and CPU, now ive tryed everything but the problem is, when the computer starts up, it goes through everything, gets to the welcome loading bit the little circles spin around, freeze, blue screen then then computer resarts and repeates the same process. any ideas/solutions (iv tryed putting the disc in and booting from there, doesnt work)
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  1. how much memory do you have also what size cpu can be a rang of things i need to know the spec of what you have got then i can try and solve your problem
  2. I have seen this happen 6 times on older computers within a couple of weeks after the Explorer 8 update was accepted, but on newer computers I'm not sure what the problem could be. At any rate, I think there are some serious bugs in Explorer 8.
  3. During boot up, hit F8 continuously and pick "Disable Automatic restart on system failure" from the list of options. When the bluescreen appears this time, write down the error code and post it here so we can better determine where the fault lies.
  4. Wow, do you mind doing mine too, if I can't get it solved by Thursday evening?
  5. That one won't invovle the Explorer 8 crashes but it's on a friend's. Just installed Windows 7 on her brand new computer and what do you know? Blue screen after using it for a few days!
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