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I bought a giganix 2032T PCI adapter for my verizon DSL. I moved the EZtv tuner card to the last PCI slot and replaced it with Ethernet card. When I rebooted windows reinstalled the EZTV card and the Ethernet card but trouble began with winddvr. The windvr screen was frozen and no sound so I deleted the software and removed eztv tuner card using device manager figuring I would reinstall everything fresh. It installs the drivers for the EZTV cd then when installing windows 98SE stuff for card it says file type MSN263.DRV File MICROSOFT H.263 ICM Driver is older than the file on the system. It ask if I want to keep the newer file which I say yes then it says windows can't install the device. I go into device manager and see the ! mark next to PCI multimedia device under the same folder. I tried this several time but no go. I got a ton of PCI parity errors bus/something/function with last slot filled so now it's open. I could not even reboot the computer and had to turn the power off from the wall. I moved the TV tuner card back to the same slot and removed the Ethernet card for now and Still can't get the TV tuner card to install. Could the 2032T be causing the PCI Parity troubles since now that it's no installed and the TV card is back in it's original slot no more trouble or was the last slot to blame?

I have a Dell Dimension XPST 500 P3 500mhz 512Dram100mhz
AGP Video Card
slot 1 open
Slot 2 Audio Card
Slot 3 PCChips EZ TV tuner card
Slot 4 Promise TX Ultra 133 controller
Slot 5 USR WinModem
Slot 6 Open
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  1. made a mistake, I openned my system today and found the right placment of the cards.

    AGP Jetson Gforce4 MX440
    slot 1 open
    Slot 2 Promise TX Ultra 133 controller
    Slot 3 Giganix 2032T Ethernet Card (add now)
    Slot 4 USR WinModem
    Slot 5 Open
    Slot 6 ISA expansion open

    No i did not try to install the tv card in ISA just thought i remembered seeing a sound card but i guess the Yamaha is on the MB. I removed the tv card for now and i'm going to miss it. When i moved the tv card i did not uninstall it first but but when i put the nic card back in device manager has it already installed and setup. Could the tv card has setting that need to be removed first before it can be installed?
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