Delema with video cards

what up fellas.

alright heres my prob I just got 2 bfg tech 7900 gtx oc's a little over a month ago and today I saw that the nivdia just came out with the new 8800. I think I can return my cards to bestbuy and get a refund. Heres my question, Is one 8800 better then both of my 7900 gtx oc's? and do you guys think I'll see differnce in quality? any info would be great thanks guys

my card

the new 8800
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  1. If you can definately return the two 7900 gtx's and get a 8800gtx. The 8800GtX will smoke the 7900's. Plus it supports direct x 10 and shader model 4.0.
  2. hi.
    i agree .
    but only if you can return them .
  3. man I really hope they'll take them back. Anyone know if bestbuy is going to end up carryin them cuz then i can just store credit maybe... arg :idea:
  4. I'm gonna end up selling them to get the 8800 let me know if you guys are interested

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