New 8800GTX/GTS bottlenecking CPUs?

Take a look at this...

"With the X6800 CPU at stock speeds we were left a little flat with the overall 3D mark score of 13,326 considering a single 8800 GTX is pulling mid 10,000. Notice just how big of a leap the 8800 GTX is over the X1950XTX, the single card is less than 300 points lower than CrossFire! Overclocking the CPU however really brought the 8800 GTX's to life! These things will take every CPU MHz you can give them. A 2615 point increase just from the CPU alone."

Whats the point of buying the new 8800's WHEN YOUR CPU CANT EVEN HANDLE THEM!? now we all pretty much have to get C2D, goodbye my loved P4.
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  1. Anybody buying a $500+ graphics card to use along with a P4 had odd priorities.

    Also, 3dmark is far from the end-all be-all of benchmarks. It'll certainly show you where the power is, but some games are going to lean on the GPU a lot more than on the CPU, especially at higher resolutions. If you look at the 8800GTX benchies for Oblivion, the framerate is clearly CPU-limited at low resolutions. But, if you're gaming on a 20 inch LCD with 1600x1200 native res, you're going to want every delicious transistor on that 8800GTX board.
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