what ddr2 to overclock with E6700...gigabyte ds3 board

with ram prices sky rocketing, i was wondering what kind of ram i needed. i am not looking to achieve world records but stable overclocking. will aventually get watercooling but for just a regular heatsink. do i need high end ram? so many different latencies, can someone give me some info on what is important. i see 2-3-3-6, 2-2-2-5...etc.
so i'll need ddr2 and i guess 800 mhz but for a newbie in overclocking, all the advise will be appreciated.
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  1. Quote:
    with ram prices sky rocketing,

    Exactly why you shouldn't buy memory with more potential than the one youll use. How far do you want to OC?
  2. 3.2-3.4 with E6700. it's my gigabyte board that i am worried about. ga-965p-ds3. seems to be picky on ram. when you upgrade bios, it gets better but won't be able to do that if it doesn't take my ram
  3. Corsair has a nice $40 rebate on their DDR2 675 memory right now. Even tough im not completely sure if the different heatspreaders alter their potential. Order from ZZF to get free shipping.
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