Optical drives in P180B sticking out too far

I built a rig in a P180 a few weeks back. It includes those funky clip-rail things that you attach to your optical drives, and then slide them into place. (Or so it's supposed to go.) I've only got one DVD drive, and when I slid it into place, it still sticks out from the case panels by about half an inch. The case door closes just fine, but I can't help feeling that the drive is still sticking out farther than it should. It doesn't sit flush with anything, especially not the panel guards covering the three 5.25" bays below it. On top of that, when I try and squeeze the rail clips to slide it back out, they are really really tight, as if they are stuck.

Are drives in P180s supposed to have these characteristics? Or do I need to go back and fix something?
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  1. Are you sure you pushed it back as far as it will go ? Sometimes you need to be a little firm to get that last seeting, they often "click" when they hit that back spot. Try squeezing then guides and pusing firmtly.

    Another thing I would try is check to see if you have mistakenly switch the guides around, remove the drive swap them left - right and try again.
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