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I have got an ADSL Modem router, through which I connect to the internet. I now want to share it to about 24 other computers on the network. My ISP gateway is The IP address is obtained automatically, usually My computer operate on manually assigned IPs from 192.168.0.XX through 254 with a subnet mask of I tried connecting the ethernet port on the router to the 24 port switch through a CAT5E patch cable, but had no success with internet on the computers. I tried changing the IP address in the LAN settings of the routerof the router to , but then I wasn't able to get my internet connected even on a stand alone machine, which was initially possible through the old IP address. Can some please help by letting me understand how these settings are to be done so that I can get the internet on all my machines. Do I need to change the IP address of my workgroup computers, something that I would like to avoid. Thanx
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  1. Change the address of your router to

    Since the address of your router is then your LAN needs to have the IP addresses 192.168.1.x

    Your PCs are on 192.168.0.x which is a different network.

    If you can't change the address of the router then you will have to change the address of the PCs - both router and LAN need to be of the same network.
  2. Any particular reason you are not using DHCP on your router?

    Once you have connected. Look at your port properties. And check to see if the gateway and DNS setting are correct. Either one of these can prevent access.
  3. Hawkstar is correct. Your running two networks right now.
    If you want to keep manual ips remember to change the default gateway also which should be Should also put in the dns entries in also. Those should be listed in the router properites.
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