Slow DSL through router?

Hi all,

I recently bought a Trendnet 432BRP Wireless router, and it's working pretty well, except for one thing. When I access the Internet through it, my download speeds NEVER go more than about 32k/sec (~256kbps... coincidence?). Yet, my uploads speeds seem unaffected, or at least not as much. I usually download around a speed of 150k/sec. Just connecting the modem directly to the computer fixes the problem.

My DSL modem is connected to the router's WAN port. It does the same on different computers with different network adapters, wired or not. The network speed between computers seems to be OK. I use WindowsXP SP2 with the firewall turned off. The speed's the same on FTP, HTTP, SSH, IRC... Oh, and 32k/sec is the total speed when more than one computer is connected to the Internet. I use WPA-PSK security, too.

Can anyone help? :) Thank you for reading!!!
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  1. Does this happen on different ports on the router? (assuming its one of those 4 port routers)
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