Cooling an Athlon 64 3700+ 2.2 OC@3.0ghz any recommendations

This is my first OC. I am purchasing an AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 2.2 San Diego, Patriot Extreme Performance 512mb 2CL 2-3-2-6 on a DFI RS482 Infinity motherboard. PS @400+ watts (undecided brand name to use).

Author C. Sun at PCSTATS wrote an article on overclocking the 3700+. He used an ECT Prometeia Mach II phase-change cooler to get it to 3.22ghz.

What are your suggestions for a cheap cooler/heatsink that will allow me to oc@3.0ghz?

I will also have 1 front case fan, 1 rear case fan and 1 side case fan. Please recommend a cheap and quit case fan! Most likely 120mm. (undecided on cheap $20 case with side duct. side ducts are removable to put fan behind it?)
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  1. there is no guarantee that you will even make it to 3.0ghz, i wouldnt look into the latency timing of the ram but more the clock speed like pc4000 ram with looser timings. artic cooling is always good look into them. just read the reviews on newegg, there are plenty of em.
  2. San Diego core which means socket 939...

    3.0 sounds ambitious and certainly attainable under phase changing conditions but two things are working against you.

    One, you *should* be able to get a San Diego core up to FX57 speeds ( 2.8 ) and beyond ( 3.0/3.2 ) but it all depends on how good of a core you get. It may OC to 3.2... then again it may only OC to 2.4. You just never know. It is pure luck of the draw.

    Two, at 2.2 ghz your multiplier is set at 11. Following how I would OC a 939 chip. I would first set the memory divider down to ddr 333 and set the FSB to 250, and bump the vcore voltage to 1.40v and a memory voltage bump to 2.70v. All this will result in a final memory speed of 208mhz (416 ddr) and a CPU speed of 2.75ghz.

    *edit* i forgot to mention setting yout HT multiplier down to 4, locking your pci bus to 33mhz and your pcie bus to 100mhz, and "down spread" your SATA controller

    You should be able to hit these numbers right away with good cooling.

    Any higher than 2.75 will get problematic because it all depends on how good your cpu core and memory modules are because all you will be able to do to get higher speeds is to do a straight FSB increase. At the same time you will have to carefully play with cpu and memory voltages. For 3 ghz your vcore shouldn't need to go beyond 1.50v. But for memory... heck if I know since it depends on the memory. Expect some frustration because it will be pure hit and miss at this point... and at some point (a question of WHEN not IF) your comp will refuse to POST, resulting in needing to reset the BIOS and start over.

    *edit* also working against you will be your HT frequency as beyond a 4x HT & 250FSB it will be OC'd at this point so you will want to watch that too. Also... at some point your SATA controller will start wigging out unless youre BIOS allows you to lock it.

    Good luck to ya and shoot for the moon. Let us know how it all pans out :)
  3. Is really that what u want? Because, maybe you'll need a $50 heatsink to keep it at that speed. Since you haven´t bought it yet, save that 50 bucks plus the 90 for the 3700 and maybe you should try to buy a s939 X2 3800+.

    I would do that instead of serious OC that you don´t even know you can achieve.
    But if you want that, ok.
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