DV9260Nr usb ports stopped working after Win7 update

Well, as the title states last night after applying a windows update none of my usb ports work. I have four onboard total.

things i have tried:

1. Manually uninstalled each one, rebooted.
2. installed Hotfix from Microsoft KN976972.
3. Downloaded the drivers from Intel and installed.
4. Checked the BIOS, there is not an option to enable or disable usb that could see.

After installing the hotfix last night, two of them worked. After a reboot this morning im back to square one.

Now last night before i got it briefly working, whatever i plugged in would charge but not be recognized by windows. Now i get nothing. no charge, no recognition.

Anyone have any ideas?

In device manager i get error 10.
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  1. I would try to rollback the driver. go to the device manager... select the USB controler and higlight it and select properties and click on driver... now select rollback driver.
  2. This happen to me, I don't know why but 2 our of 4 ports did not work, I thought they were broke. but then I sold my PC to a friend and i reformatted everything, and as soon as I set the BIOS to defaults. the ports were all up and acting like 2.0. The bios was the problem. but I never recall modifying it except for a password and boot priorities.
  3. Sometimes a chipset update seems to work also!
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