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we are going to be buying a new computer parents want to buy something thats complete, but will buy upgrades for it later on.. the price budget is under $500...i want something that is decent for gaming (will upgrade ram and graphics card on w/e we get later on)...the computer will be used for gaming and a few other things, but mostly gaming and multimedia stuff...i decided on an AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 2.2GHz instead of an 805

.so right now I'm stuck between two computers

I am wondering for whats included in both and the prices which one is a better deal?

comp 1
comp 2
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  1. If you can wait a month or so, I would. Now that Vista is so close, it would be a shame not to. Vista is a resource hog compared to XP, and the systems that will ship with it will be a bit more robust. Emachines are decent, but not terribly upgradeable. Sure, you can boost the ram, and get a videocard, but that's about it. Who knows, that may be enough for you. If you plan on having this computer for a good long while, I would hold out for some form of dual core cpu. Good luck whatever you decide.
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