Needs sound from my MSI 7145 REALTEK audio chip mobo...

My SEMPRON 2800 runs on an MSI MS-7145 motherboard but Ive lost the mobo install CD. I need to get sound from this mobo which has a REALTEK audio chip on the mobo. Can I just locate the audio driver and install it to get sound from the REALTEK audio chip on this mobo? Is there another way to
activate the sound on this mobo? (The sound is NOT muted in XP Pro and the sound in the Control panel shows NO AUDIO DEVICE).

Thanks in advance!
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  1. i know it's 2 years late, but i know the msi r200 based board are difficult to differentiate if you lost the box with the 'exact' model number, and only 1 model shows the realtek drivers. i only replied because i have the same motherboard, and i downloaded the wrong driver, ironically everything worked, except the sound, because the sound has is specific to the model in the link below...
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