Asus P5W DH Deluxe (Video Issue) Need Help Badly

I really need help about this issue & i couldnt find any solution anywhere :(
I dont know if anyone have same video issue like mine.
i already tried installing windows xp sp2 many times on my system & i also tried windows vista RC2 but i had the same issue. i installed almost all the drivers needed to run the system properly except for the wifi-ap driver. & also installed the latest directx 9.0c october redist update, and nvidia 96.89 driver beta. but everytime i tried to test my system using dxdiag 3d test, 3dmark03 3.60 & 3dmark06 my screen flickers & i got corrupted textures :(
i tried it with leadtek 7600gt & GF6200 video cards but still the same result.
i also tried 93xx series driver but no luck.
i'm running E6300 C2D
Coolermaster Hyper6+ HSF
Seagate 320gb 7200.9 PATA
Asus P5W DH Deluxe (1503 Bios) (Also tried different bios version with default settings)
512mb DDR2 533 Geil Value Ram (Single)
Enermax Liberty ELT500AWT 500Watts PSU
Task 350Watts PSU & 500watts Generic PSU but all same result :(

Do you think it's a chipset related issue?
is it possible to run my video card on the 2nd PCIE Slot (Black)?

I'm planning to RMA my board nxt week if i still cant find any solution to my problem

Please Help

Tnx In Advance :)
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  1. Normally I would say its the driver for the card.. you did say you were using a BETA driver for it right? But then you said you tried different cards.. did you build with the different card only or install it after you already had the failure of the 1st one?

    I just did a build on that board this weekend and it was smooth.

    It very well could be the board.
  2. I had the same problem, x1900xtx and my video card was toast or so I thought. Bought a 8800GTX as my RMA was a refund. I still had strange colors. The card benchmarked extremely until I restored the MB to factory setting and reinstalled the OS. As I did both I'm not sure what caused the problem with the new card.

    My guess is the MB is causing the problem. I will try to OC it tonight see if the problems reoccur, if so it's another RMA and nforce.

    You can use the 2nd PCi x16 slot when did I had better results with my x1900xts, it didn't lock up the PC still had artifact colors in XP and Vista.

    Right now everything is work fine
  3. I'm assuming you're NOT OCing your CPU or anything? Anyway, have you tried resetting your BIOS (using jumper) to factory? It sounds like a mobo issue, since you have swapped out multiple graphics cards.
  4. I already solved my problem :)
    the problem is in the memory. i used memtest & use test selection in the configuration & choose 10 to detect the error. when i tried to used the standard test it didnt detect the error. i had 2 new corsairs memory right now and it works flawllessly, no more corrupted texture
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