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Hi, I'm looking at buying a HD tuner card for my pc. I currently have an ATI TV Wonder VE that I'm going to replace. My Cable company offers several free HD channels, and had this to say:

"Customers that have Basic Cable TV may also receive, at no additional charge, several additional channels that broadcast at digital (HD/SD) quality. To view these digital free channels, you must have a digital ATSC tuner that specifies it can retrieve ATSC cable TV frequencies. Some newer TV equipment may have built-in ATSC tuners; however, not all ATSC tuners will work (see the note below).* ATSC tuners that retrieve ATSC cable TV frequencies can be purchased at most electronics stores.

*NOTE: There are several types of ATSC tuners. ATSC tuners that retrieve ATSC off-air frequencies and QAM tuners that retrieve CATV frequencies will NOT work. Additionally, Company Technicians have not found success with most ATSC cable receivers that are already built into television equipment. Therefore, equipment with built-in ATSC receivers are not recommended, and if used, may not properly retrieve the digital free channels that are available."

Does anybody know of a pc tuner that meets those requirements? I have a P4 3.2Ghz (Prescott), 2GB DDR400 (CL 2), and 1 TB of HD space ..... this shoudl be able to play/record HD right? Thanks!!
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  1. hi.
    as you write above, you need not simple a hd card,
    but you need a cable hdtv card.
    most of cable cards i see now they are
    • DVB receiver card for cable reception

    • TT PC-TV Control Centre

    • Software or hardware MPEG2 decoding & IP services

    • SDK available

    optional CI-Interface available for PayTV receiption

    supports ALL known QAM-demodulations

    i do not know any hdtv cable card.
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