Radeon 9800 PRO Power Connecter Issues, Wont Boot

Hey guys strange problem here. Sometimes when i try and boot up my PC it gives me that red error mesage that says to connect the power connect on the Radeon card to the power supply. Well its already connected and it still gives that error. Now here is the wierd thing, if i restart my computer it eventually boots into XP, not all the time though. I have an antec 450 watt PSU so that isnt the problem. motherboard is epox 8RDA3+ with an athlon 3200XP+. Games and windows run perfect once it finally boots, any thoughts on this strange problem?
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  1. I am thinking that it can be 1 of two things:

    1) The connector on the card is messed up
    2) The connector from your PSU is messed up

    Do you have another psu that you could test it with?? Or maybe another rig where you can move the card to and check it there???

    I dont doubt ur psu can handle it cause i had a 297 watt (£15) psu and that ran the card (+2 HDD, 2 DVDRW, 2GB ram, 3ghz p4) without fault for over a year ( PLEASE NOTE I WONT RECOMMEND USING A SHIT PSU TO ANYONE :P )
  2. Are you using a splitter for the power cable? I've heard of people having problems with the one included with the card. If you are using one, try plugging the card directly into a plug from your PSU.
  3. I used a splitter without any problems...

    infact mine connected to the cable that was supposed to go to my HDD and split that to my card+HDD
  4. Like i said before, HD lines draw a lot of power during the boot process. Hence move your card's line to somewhere else. Try share it with the CD-ROM or something light. Also look for shorts in your system, your cards sitting properly in their slots and all molex connectors are well in place.
  5. i've been havin the same problem on and off for about 6 months, with games freezing, the red no power connector warning and muddled graphics on the desktop. i think my 9800pro is probably dying..
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