can't logout, submit button disapears

I would like to report 2 bugs:
- I can not log out. When pushing the log out button nothing hapens
- If I do not select the "Subsection", when I push "Submit your reply", the "Submit your reply" button disapears, then quickly I see a new page with the message "You have to choose a section" and a link for "back to editing". But the "Submit your reply" button is still gone.

I am using Firefox 3.0.1
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  1. Yea, I've had both of these problems, although I made the submit button disappear a different way when writing a PM.
  2. I forgot to say: 2 days ago, I could not log in. It was after making my account and activating it. I had to delete the cookies to be able to log in. The page was showing 2 messages (alternating them every 1 second):
    - you are now logged off
    - your user/password is wrong.
    Of course I can't remember the exact messages but it was something like this.

    It looks to me like the site has too much (buggy?) JavaScript code (Ajax?) that makes it behave funny.
  3. I sometimes need to delete cookies to logout, I haven't had login problems though.
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