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In the process of building a gaming rig, specs: ASUS A8N-E/AMD64 3,700+/RadeonX850XT/Cor.Twinx.ddr400(2x1GB)/Lian Li case/Antec TPll-550. I have always had my pc hardwired. Got married few months back and wife wants internet access, and thats ok. I do not want to have a loss in FPS or start gettin lag just so she can shop on line.

Question is: Are there any routers that are aimed at the gaming community and if so would i need to use another slot on my mobo to add some sort of card? would like to not have to 'bust open the case after i finish build. I also use cable modem.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Try some software from

    It has a number of cool features, but bandwidth throttling is why I bought it. I got 2 licenses for $40.

    I've been using different software, but this is my current one. You install it on each computer (I have 2 gaming computers in the house). My DSL rates are 768 max, so I set the throttling(limiting) rate to half that on each computer. Throttling can be turned off or on at any time. That way surfing and gaming can co-exist. Gaming works fine at half my DSL bandwidth.
  2. Since you didn't mention what the wife was going to use for her internet connectivity and you didn't indicate anything other than a cable modem for your internet connectivity I will advise the simpilest option to install and manage. Procure a wireless router that supports 802.11a/b/g (and maybe one with a proprietary speed booster capability for future growth) that includes 10/100 swithched ports for your connection. Install in your wife's PC or laptop a wireless nic supporting 802.11b. 802.11b has a max raw data rate of 11 Mbit/s, but due to the CSMA/CA protocol overhead the actual throughput that her connection can achieve is about 5.9 Mbit/s over TCP. Her shopping habits at this speed wouldn't impact your online gaming fun. Check your cable modem specs for the Ethernet links speed and choose the fastest available at full duplex, as your connection speed to the switch should be also. This will give you the cheepest and easiest solution for your setup.
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