Building my rents a media centre pc for xmas- any ideas!?

Guys! Hello!

Title says it all really!

Building my parents a media centre pc for their xmas present.

I have a barebones case in mind already and unless anyone has any better suggestions its this!

Anyhow, it has a socket 754 m'board so im gonna need a processer!

What would you guys use if you were on a tight budget, but wanted enough performance to run XP, watch vids etc and didnt want it to sound like a wind tunnel?

It has onboard graphics, which will probably be fine for doing that eh?

Also, if anyone has anything they would recommend I get that I havent thought of let me know!

EDIT: Im not adverse to buying off ebay!
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  1. Whats your budget?
  2. Quote:
    Whats your budget?

    well for £215 I can get the case i first mentioned (MSI Barebone System - Mega MPC800K - SKT754- £80)

    and this:

    AMD Sempron 3000+ £33
    Kingston 512MB DDR PC3200 400MHz CL3 Memory Module £37
    Hitachi 250GB T7K500 HDT725025VLA380 SATAII £48
    Akasa AK-786 Low Noise Sempron Cooler £3.50
    LiteOn SHD-16P1S-05C DVD-ROM £10.50

    So around £215
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