Stock PSU's from good Case companies?

Are the PSU's that come with cases from good case making companies generally ok?

I am looking at a RAIDMAX Raidmax Mustang ATX. Is this case/the PSU of this case any good?
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  1. I dont know about this PSU, a quick google search only gave me reviews from user from site like newegg.

    To tell the truth the only compagny I trust for Case and PSU would be antec.

    For 99.99 you can get the Sonata II and for ~150 you get the P150, I really like this case and the PSU is top notch...

    Good luck
  2. antec is pretty good.
  3. 13A on the 12v rail? that things good if you plan on running a computer with a matx board, low end single core cpu, and integrated graphics with 1hd, cd. Anything more that psu is gonna give.
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