Best PSU, under 50 bucks?

What is the best PSU I can get for under 30 bucks? Thanks!
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  1. While you're at it, can you let me know which is the best Lamborghini for under $1000. Thanks.

    Let's get one thing straight: there are NO good power supplies under $30.

    Let's get something else straight: given that your entire PC runs on the power supply, it is the most important component in your box.

    Want to withdraw the question now?
  2. ok, whats the best PSU under 50 bucks?
  3. Get 5 of these:

    POWMAX PSDE480 ATX 480W Power Supply

    at 5.99 each after rebate they are disposable.

    Getting a bit more serious - the only model under $30 from Newegg that I would even think about installing is:

    FSP Group (Fortron Source) FSP270-50SNV MicroATX 270W Power Supply

    This only provides 270Watts, though it is manufactured by one of the best companies out there.

    NOW - let's get serious. First you need to figure out what you really need for power. 270Watts is fine for some situations, but definatly not for many others. There are system power estimators out there - put in your specs and figure out what you need.

    Second - once you figure out how many watts you really need, add in between 20-50% of head room - as you never want to run equiptment at it's peak.

    Third - double or tripple your likely budget. Very few people on Toms' will reccomend any PS for less than $30. Expect to pay at least $70-$150 for something with the proper engineering and components to actually last longer than a year. Choose a brand with some market saturation, cruise through Tom's Forum and find some name brands to research, and try not to buy junk (unless you really want junk.)

    Finally - I do not intend any instult here - but before you ask questions like this it is best to describe in more detail what your needs are and what existing or future hardware you plan to support.

  4. wow, that first one seems really cool.

    Are PSUs by Cooler master and Thermaltake under 50 dollars good?
  5. Sparkle ATX-400PN-B204 400W it's $31, about $42 shipped.
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