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My PC (ASUS A7V8X-X, Athlon 1700+) has stopped working after 2 years. When I turned it on the other day, I hear constant beeping and the monitor goes in standby.

I took the whole thing apart, checked the power supply, which is fine, and disconnected everything on the Mobo, took out all cards, RAM and CPU. No beeps. As soon as I install the CPU but nothing else, it beeps like crazy. I guess the CPU is shot, right?
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  1. Uh, check your user's manual to see what's wrong - most manuals will have a section detailing what beeps mean what.
  2. The manual doesn't mention anything about beeps.
  3. Hmm.. can you tell us about them then? Like how many, how long, etc.
  4. Check the bios makers website for the beep codes. On many socket a boards continuous beeps are memory error. Try reseating the memory or 1 stick at a time if you have 2.
  5. Beep Codes, AMI & Award BIOS beep codes

    If its an AMI bios, and hear 5 short beeps:

    5 Short - Process failure

    Though, its hard sometimes to figure out exactly what the beeps are, when manufactors vary, or even the same manufactors MB may run different bios program.
  6. There are two possibilities, depends on the kind of the beeping:
    1. continous long beeps - it is memory problem
    2. continous short beeps, than long beeps - it is the CPU.

    If it beeps when you put your CPU, than your CPU is probably dead.
  7. This thing beeps constantly, in other words, all the time!

    There's no RAM in it, just the CPU. If I take the CPU out and put the RAM in only, no beeps.

    I guess it's the CPU and I just found out that almost no socket A CPUs are available anymore, which means I may have to spring for a new Mobo/CPU combo. I just don't know which one.

    Thanks. Y'all.
  8. You need at least one stick of ram, video card, and the CPU installed.

    From there you might be able to TS what the beeps are trying to tell you.
  9. I did all that and it keeps beeping on end. I'm not sure what that tells me.
  10. This is typical of a RAM issue.

    If you have multiple stick of RAM try using only one of them at a time. If stick one doesn't work, try just stick two, etc...

    Using that technique you can test to see if it's a RAM issue and narrow it down to which stick.
  11. I've tried all that and no matter which stick of RAM is in there, it beeps. Only when I take out the CPU, it stops beeping.

    I've come to the conclusion that I want to buy a cheap mobo bundle. I'm not a gamer and I don't do overclocking. I just want a budget bundle that takes my current PC 2700 Ram and my new IDE HDD.

    Any suggestions?


  12. Just some info related to the bios, from my understanding.

    The reason why the bios stops beeping.. is because there is no CPU. The bios will not function without the CPU. Someone can correct me if I am wrong.

    You need to count the beeps (whether it is short or long in combinations) in order to determine what the system is trying to tell you.

    Some MB, like ASUS, even have an onboard sound that can verbally tell you what is wrong. Usually when the system beeps, is because it senses can not display the error on the screen. So that right there can tell you that it might be the video card, or the MB interface for the video card.
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