Crazy activation problem that let's me login if I change password....

I emailed this to BestofMedia which is the site contact here, so this is my problem:


I am having a LOT of trouble with registration. I registered the username "schrutin8r" under the email account "*" I received an activation email, clicked on the link. It appeared to work until I hit "SUBMIT" after choosing to not receive the newsletter.

At this point, it said "error" in the little box at the top of the screen, but it said I was logged in. I moved around the site, and then tried to make a reply. It said I wasn't signed in when I pushed to send the reply. So I clicked "Sign In," typed in my information, it gives me an error message:
"The account that you are trying to reach does not exist or is deactivated."

So on the same window, I clicked "You did not receive the confirmation email?" Since it tells me I used the wrong password if I type it in wrong on purpose, I know there is an account there, I assumed it was an activation problem.

When I type in my email address "*" it gives me a different error message: "Your account does not exist or is already validated. Either your account has already been validated or you have waited more than 48 hours after your registration to validate it."

No matter how many ways I try to get it to work, it won't send me another activation and it will not let me login. So I tried another method.

When i click on "Lost Password" and put my email address in, I have found that, while it WILL NOT send me an activation email, it WILL send me the CHANGE PASSWORD form.

This is where it gets weird. When I open my email up, click the change password link, it sends me here to my profile and asks me to change my password. When I change my password, it logs me in automatically with the new password.

At this point I can make posts until I get logged out.

This is a huge pain to have to request a password change, then change my password just to post a reply or new topic.

Can someone please fix my activation problem?

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  1. I have yet to get any decent replies, the problem has not been solved.

    I used to check this site a few times daily just for news, and 5-10 more times just to look at recent posts (sometimes spending half a day reading the forums).

    Now I don't even come to this site except to see if they have my registration problem fixed, which they don't. Went from loving this site to purposefully going elsewhere.

    I am doubtful I am the only one experiencing this problem. I am just probably one of the few who has figured out that they can force a login through the lost password page.

    I am sure it's a security issue that you can force login of a supposedly DEACTIVATED account through the lost password screen, without considering how many people cannot use their accounts because they are like mine. I think it's ridiculous that after emailing the contacts for this site, then posting here, they haven't even gotten as far as replying to me, nonetheless fixing my account from their end.

    I am not trying to be unreasonable either. I just want my account fixed.

    Again, I can only imagine how many bad activations and messed up accounts there are on this site, and how much traffic Tom's loses as a result.

  2. Scrutin8r said:
    I just want my account fixed.

    Hi Scrutin8r,
    I've just been notified of your issue. I'd like to thank you very much for the detailed report. We had a similar case a while ago, but with far less details. Let's hope these added details help us fix the issue.
  3. I know this is quite a bit later but I have the same exact problem as well. The only way I can sign is if I change my password.
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