Applying Thermal Greese to a newer Style CPU

Last time I built a setup i was using a Xp2800+ which had the small die in the center.

now the 64 3700+ has that Silver plate on top. So do you just still put alittle in the center? or do you have to cover the entire silver top surface?


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  1. yea that's what i figured.. what im saying is.. if you have a 1 inch by 1 inch cpu..

    the entire 1" by 1" surface doesn't need to be coverd.. if i just put a dot in the center and let the HSF sqwash it down that will be good enough right?

    or do i need to put a big enough blob so that when the HSF does squeeze against it, it will cover the entire surface..

    that's my main concern before i build.
  2. yeah dont do like i did, when i swapped my 3700 to an x2 4400.

    i smeard it a little thick, but then agian i was a little toasty
    at the time. :lol:
  3. The new AS5 directive for DC says to put a little drop and to move the heatsink a little before latching the HSF.

    I personally cover the whole heatspreader evenly with a plastic card. But either way should work fine. Remember that too much is like not enough =)
  4. yea ok i just wanted to make sure because the old cpus' have teh Die Right in the middle which made it very easy for applying the thermal greese.

    Thanks for the replys i don't think i should have problem in the install.

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