Asus A8N32 SLI Deluxe and nTune

Apologies if I posted this in the wrong spot, I wasn't sure where this went..

I've got an odd little predicament here: Whenever I use nTune my system locks up. I get no response whatsoever, the screen remains static, no mouse or keyboard response. I've had it sit there for 15 minutes before to see if it was doing anything til I had to do a hard reboot.

This isn't the first time I've had this problem either. When I first set up my rig and installed all the necessary drivers and software, I got this. I was playing around a bit yesterday and tried to open up the functionality of nTune in the nvidia control panel. It seems that's the only place I can really use it, I haven't dabbled around much inside of it and I've crashed inside of there too. If I have the Control panel open to one of the nTune tweaking pages and goto any other application or even my desktop, it locks up.

Any thoughts? Perhaps I'm missing a driver or essential software component?

My rig:

AMD Opteron 170
Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe
Corsair XMS TwinX2048-3200C2PT (2 GB/DDR400)
XFX 7900 GT
Currently RMA'd X-Fi Xtrememusic (I didn't even have this when I tried it last time, nor did I have it when I tested nTune the second go round)
Ultra X-Finity 600 Watt PSU (Yes, I know.. Crappy PSU :()
3 Hard drives, 2 Optical Drives, and a whole array of USB devices.

Any help would be appreciated, If I can't fix nTune, no harm no foul. It's not essential for me but I'd like to be able to at least fiddle around with it.
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  1. Nothin? :(
  2. I dont own any AMD based or nVidia based rig.

    All I can say is, got the latest bios? and the latest INF definition(dunno how nVidia calls it) for the nVidia chipset?

    Then you probably do if you were smart enough to buy a opty 170 :)

    A semi harsh answer would be, just go in the bios you lazy guy. Hehe but nTune looks cool. Maybe posting in Asus forums...Just a few thought!
  3. My BIOS are slightly outdated (They're stock, Asus released two updates so far)

    I didn't see any real need to update them because all of the 'fixes' are fairly useless to me :( Yeah, I checked the BIOS, messed around and no dice. I'm pretty sure there's a fairly simple answer to my dilemma, as it seems to be with every other problem I've had.
  4. if anyone knows best it's the guys over at ASUS.. there support is pretty good usually.

    im sure they'll know the main direction to point you in.

  5. Sagekilla,

    I am using ntune. I don't seem to have problem with it. I t has work great for me. Including SLI setup.

    However, I am use the latest bios 1303 and the latest ntune

    I installed the video drivers then the ntune. I am using nVidia 93.71 drivers if this helps. :)
  6. mKimbro.. nice rig you have there man.
  7. Rob423


    I just wish the SLI performance was better. I think this is a waste of money, compared to a good signle card. :?
    Asus A8N32 SLi Deluxe - AMD A64 FX-60 @ 2.98 - 2GB Corsair CMX1024-3500LLPro @ - 2-XFX 7950GT 600/1500 SLI - X-Fi Fatal1ty - 4 x WD 74GB SATA Raptor RAID-0 & 1 WD 150GB Raptor - Silverstone 600W-ST60F - WinXP Pro sp2
  8. Per this article in Tech Report, nTune is not compatible with the A8N32-SLI will load, but none of the tweaks recommended can be activated. They say to use Asus's AiBoost or PCProbeII. On the other hand, I have an A8N32-SLI Deluxe with an AMD A64 4800 X2, 2 each OCZ4001024ELDPE DDR DIMMS and dual 8800GT 512mb video cards in SLI mode and nTune works fine...go figure.
  9. Yea, I had an Abit nForce4 board and nTune never worked right with it either. I think this is a side effect of that chipset.
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