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Hi All,

I want to make my laptop wireless in real sense. Let me first start saying that its the only comp that I have in my home and has inbuilt wireless card. I have a wireless router which is plugged to my internet cable modem. Internet works fine.

Now I have other devices such as external USB hard drive, wireless keyboard/mouse, printer, scanner. Now if I have to use any of these, I have to plug these to my laptop, so basically restricting my movement. So I am looking for a wireless device which could take USB input from such devices and let me able to access them through my laptop. If there are any such devices, please suggest some good ones. I know that speed will be hampered and I wont get true USB 2.0 throughput. In real sense nowhere near it.

If there are aren't any such readymade devices, are there any methods to get equivalent result. If this is also not possible, then I am sorry for wasting both your and my time :cry:

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  1. Hello Hello
    Well there are a few products that will make your life easier, but as with all things electronic, money money moneeeey.

    I work with alot of Dlink stuff at work, and I know they sell a wireless router which has 2 USB ports that you are able to plug external hard drives or flash cards into. (but this will mean you have to buy a new router)

    The printer will be simple enough, just attach a wireless print server to the printer, configure, than BAMN, your done.

    I've never heard of a wireless scanner, but I know you can use multifunction units with a wireless print server.
    Not sure why you would want a scanner on the wireless network, but whatever tickles your pickle.

    Check out Dlinks website, I wont post it because I'm not sure where you are, it changes from country to country.

    Also check out other vendors websites!
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