Best price/performance CPU upgrade from OCed 3800 X2?

I have an AMD X2 3800 OC'd to 2.5GHz which essentially outperforms an X2 4800. If I can sell my 3800 X2 for $100 and buy a 4800 X2 for $200, is that a good price/performance upgrade? Would it be worth the $100 upgrade? Of course I plan to OC the 4800 X2 with my Thermalright XP120 (just like the 3800).

Is there a better option? I'm just trying to extend the life of my socket 939 setup through the upcoming 4-core wars. I'm a gamer and a 3D artist so rendering power is key.

Also, I'm only interested in a CPU UPGRADE. I'm not going to sell my CPU, MOBO, and RAM to get a C2D setup.

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  1. Erg, well honestly you have the best ****IMO**** price to performance chip AMD has to offer at the moment. You can fool around with OC'ing the chip some more maybe a better heatsink and such and see what you can get. Just save your moolah and wait as long as you can until you HAVE to upgrade. With what you have now you don't need to.
  2. If you're a gamer, you could consider saving that $100 and putting it towards a better videocard.
  3. already have a 7900GT 256MB @ 540/820. Don't plan on upgrading that anytime soon. I'm more of a 3D artist than a gamer so CPU rendering power is slightly more important. I need to keep my render times down to be more productive. Well, I guess I'll just wait till next year then to see what happens. Thanks guys!
  4. get an opteron 170 for $185,

    with some luck you should be able to push it through 3ghz to 3.3ghz range. I'll say this is the best upgrade you could get.
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