E6300 Voltage and Speed Comparisons

Just wondering if someone can help me out on voltage vs core speed.

Like i hear 1.37v is good to start at, can someone maybe post max speed there getting with that voltage. Maybe some other ratios like closer to 2.5-3ghz also if possbile.

Thanks a ton!
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  1. Im running stock voltages, 2317Mhz on a E6300, stock cooling until my scythe comes in the mail :D.
  2. I actually run my e6300 at 390 x7 (2730) at 1.2vcore.

    For some reasons that seems to be my limit tho, I can increase the vcore more plus increasing the fsb and nb voltages but the system is unstable.

    Im usuing a gigabyte ds3 btw
  3. Cant figure out why my cpu wont do more, even if i increase voltage to 1.4v it wont do more then 2.1ghz.

    I gota the C1E or whatever off and Q-fan disabled and all the settings that are there in my bios that are mentioned in the intel c2d sticky. Maybe im missing somthing...

    i got my ocz gold ddr900 running at ddr533 multiplyer and the fsb 300 and the cpu multiplyer is 7.

    Any help would be great full load with my cpu is about 52c right now. and video card is about 47c full load.

    E6300 c2d
    OCZ DDR900 5-5-5-15
  4. Set everything at STOCk, leave FSB at 266, then make RAM 533Mhz, RAISE THE FSB, do not raise the memory speed. Thats what I did, IDK.
  5. tryed that it wont post.
  6. What BIOS do you have? If its the one shipped on the board it probably wont overclock. My P5BDlx was shipped with 0409 and it woldn't overclock, I upgraded to the latest and its now rather sweet at 3.4G :D
  7. Ill post the bios brand and rev if i can find them when i get home this after noon.
  8. What's ur mobo ? What are the stock specs of ur Ram ? (Vdimm, latencies, freq.)
  9. Shata,
    Just read on other forums, seems the VM is not a great overclocker. I've seen someone with 335 on that board, so my reckoning, is that you'll get around this value and no more.

    So either change the board or be happy with what you can get. Sorry for what seems to be bad news :-(
  10. E6300 (Conroe) @ 3.8Ghz v1.2375
    Min Temp @ 22 Degrees
    Max Load Temp @ 55 Degrees
    Using Gigabyte Motherboard, Much Better to Overclock with than ASUS
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