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My wifi on my Macbook pro is working fine but when I plug in an Ethernet cord my mac won't even recognize that it's plugged in, let alone connect. I am not very smart when it comes to computers so any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Can you test the cable / connection with another computer? If not: there a (very) little lights directly beside the ethernet socket on your laptop and the router/switch on the other side of the cable. If you don't see the light, it is an electrical problem. Either the ethernet ports on the router are switched of (configuration) or the cable is bad or the plugs not seated right.
  2. I have the ethernet cable plugged into my desktop and it works fine.
  3. Then you probably need drivers for the lan port. Check your disc that came with it or online.
  4. Silly question, but have you checked in System Preferences that the ethernet connection is enabled?
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