which is bettter usb or pci? wich brand belkin or netgear?

yo , i was lookin at eqiupment to setup my first wireless network at home and
was wonderin -
1 - is there one particular brand that is better*.
2 - most important question is wich is better a pci wifi adaptor or usb wifi adaptor, as far as signal and stability is concerned
3 - how far will a wireless signal go (my upstairs pc that i am currently building is on the 3rd floor and the router will be with my current pc on the 1st floor)
(*is there any difference between a belkin and a netgear in particular)

btw im on cable internet
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  1. In answer to your questions ...

    1) There are lots of good brands out there. Personally I like Netgear and DLink

    2) PCI is definitely better. USB can cause problems with signals dropping and range can be less.

    3) Depends on the wireless type A B or G. All of them should be able to transmit a signal a couple of floors. My 802.11b wireless router is ontop of a cupboard on the 2nd floor of my house and my laptop works out in the garden. It depends on how thick your walls are and what they are made of. You can always buy an additional access point to boost a weak signal.

    Good luck
  2. pci is better than usb. Some have a detached antenna that allow you to move it around to get a better signal.

    Belkin is the low of low. Had a coulple of friends try them, ended up taking them back. Even there router was unstable. I use Liksys, SMC and USR.

    As for wireless coverage you will have problems. The density of flooring is about twice a normal Wall. Routers with built in wireless, use low gain antennas. If the setup was where the computer would be directly above or below it may work, with router on 2nd floor. Other wise you may be spending a lot on external hi-gain antennas. I do not like built in wireless. I use a external AP, gives the luxury of finding an optium coverage.

    If you got a chase wall, I would use it and go for a wired system.
  3. As an architecture I don't have a problem with the opinion that PCI is better than USB. It's really all about application though. Is PCI "better" when you want to use a thumb drive? Obviously no. Sort of a similar deal with wireless clients, though not as dramatic.

    Non dongle USB client adapters are typically going to be a better fit, many times much, much better, than a PCI wireless card. Generally speaking a wireless PCI card antenna is going to sit behind a tower or desktop. Terrible environment for wireless connectivity. If the PCI card does have cabled antenna you can place then I'd agree PCI is better. If not, then USB is definitely a better wireless client solution, more often than not anyway.

    As far as brands, at the budget pricepoint their isn't a huge statistical difference. Buffalo is probably the best consumer affordable wireless hardware. Below that, Linksy, DLink, Netgear etc are pretty much in the same ball park.

    Question 3 cannot be answered. Test and see. That's how you tell how far wireless will go. Tom's environment and experience, even with identical equipment, can be vastly different than Jane's.

    What advice you can take to heart is anecdotal. Merely opinions of people that have used numerous brands and have a legitimate benchmark to go on. From there it's see how well it does in your wireless world.
  4. so if i add up all ur comments, i basically have to find a PCI with a seperate antenna, that way im gettin the best of both worlds as far as the choice between PCI and USB is concerned. And a router is sorta hard to choose coz sum people reccomend a brand while others wud say the same brand is no good, spose ill just have to try and find some reviews. i was gonna buy a netgear from cclonline, but found a belkin router and adaptor much cheaper at PC World, i kno full well that PC World will sell u rubbish if they can. hmmmmmmmmmm, spose it depends how much money i have on the day, ill just get the best i can afford, cheers
  5. Be careful with Belkin .... I've heard quite a lot of people say negative things about Belkin. Not used one personally so just passing on what I've heard.
  6. Belkin produced notoriously bad gear when it was .11b and standard .11g equipment. From everything I have read, or just about everything anyway, their Pre-N gear is pretty good. In other words, you see the benefits of the Pre-N MIMO technology. It's all really a crap shoot at the price point you buy this stuff. Two AP/Router combo's that come off the same assembly line may perform differently and be completely different dependability wise. Nature of the beast when you don't have to pay but 50 bucks for a router/switch/ap combo.
  7. My mate has a belkin router his internet does seem to drop-out sometimes, altho he says that his mate that lives across the road can connect onto his network if he doesnt use WEP so the range must be good. He also thinks that it is blueyonder that causes the connection loss but i am on blueyonder and only hav very rare connection loss, whereas his seems to go off alot so i think its his router. I'm pretty sure i wont be gettin belkin now then , thats prolly why cclonline dont stock em, they seem to stock good stuff at cclonline, they have a nice looking netgear router, and a nice set of PCI adaptors, but they are all pretty expensive compared to belkin. ill just have to save my pennies and get a netgear at http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?product_id=2158&category_id=164&manufacturer_id=0 and I spose I'll just have to experiment with receivers , I have heard CCL have a good tech help service. I'm sure they'll be sympathetic if the signal is bad.
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