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Hi everyones and thanks for your time!

I have a machine with a single sata2 drive, with an already installed OS (XP Pro sp2). I wish to create a raid 0 array by of course adding a second identical drive. It is possible to do that (migrate) using the Intel Matrix Storage Manager in Windows? Most references including those on the Intel's site refers to the F6 installation method, hence, during Windows install. The ahci driver was loaded during the actual OS installation (F6 method), so the single sata2 hdd is operating in ahci. But that doesn't make the system "raid ready" isn't it?

TIA for your reply.
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  1. Hmmmmm so after reading Joe's article... it seems that i will need a third hdd to image the actual hdd's contents on it, before adding the 2nd drive and creating the raid 0 array. Then when created, i'll be able to restore the image back to the array...isn't it? :?:
  2. Yes, that's correct. You'll need a temporary storage location to store the current contents of your hard drive. It can be a network location, external drive, or internal drive. But since the RAID-0 has to start out blank and uses 2 drives, the data must be somewhere else during the setup.
  3. Quote:
    You'll need a temporary storage location to store the current contents of your hard drive.

    Hi SomeJoe7777, do you know if the same requirement holds for creating a RAID-1 array? I read your guide and wasn't completely sure if it's possible without a temporary storage location.

    I have a one drive setup with existing OS and files. I would like to add an identical drive and create a mirror.

  4. Unfortunately, I think you'll still need a temporary storage location even when attempting to build a RAID-1. The RAID card/controller will need 2 drives to create the mirror and will wipe the MBR's on both when it creates the array.

    Best to have the data in a temporary storage location and copy the partition after the RAID-1 is created.
  5. That's what I was afraid of...

    Why can't it just mirror the existing drive and call it good. Oh well, thanks for your help.
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