Water cool: best cpu/gpu block.

Done a bit of a search, but cant find exactly what i need....

So ive decided to build a custom water sys, using a car heater core, a fan almost twice its size with a custom venturi/shroud in a pull config. Gonna be running 2x pumps and hose the diameter of garden hose. LOLz!

Will obviously bottleneck thru cpu and gpu block, the advantage is a lower resistance loop, with lots of slow moving water, which speeds up over the blocks. Also since it moves slowly thru the huge rad, i can set the fans to ulrta slow and still cool it big time.

I OC my cpu and gpu, was gonna get a C2D sys, but decided not to for awhile. I will transplant the water sys over, which is why im building a big sys that i can load up later.

If anyone knows or has some exp with good water blocks or even knows a website, it would be much appreciated

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  1. What is the inner diameter of the tubing you plan to use? Or are you planning on making custom barbs for the blocks or what is your plan for that part of the loop?
  2. this is the pump im using on my current water cooling setup, and it works very well :D
  3. Heya.

    Yeah will be making barbs, so dia's dont matter.
    BTW... whats the benchmark for water blocks? flow rate, heat dissapation? Is there a benchmark?
    Also... ive seen blocks with 3 connectors? Whats with this 2in 1out?
  4. I'm using the Swiftech Storm (revision 2) cpu water block on 1/2" tubing. This thing is a monster and chill my 840 overclocked.
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