Help my psu blew

my system specs are p5n32 sli premium, core 2 duo e6600, evga 7900 gto, creative xfi xtreme music, 2 seagate 7.10 250 gb harddrives in jbod. 2 gbs of corsair xms2 6400 c4. xp prom, psu thermaltake 750 watt wo117ru. My psu made a loud pop and then smoke started to come out of case. i have since sent in my psu for a rma. this was last friday. today i had some more time and i took apart the system and i noticed a burn mark on my motherboard and gpu. does anyone know what i should do or am i just out 500 bucks? i havent gotten a replay from themaltake yet. would my other parts be under the warranty for my psu or could it of been something wrong with my motherboard? thanks for everyone help/input.
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  1. all the parts are under warranty but why would evga or asus want to replace my parts?
  2. i ordered my parts over the course of several months. from newegg and zipzoomfly. its past the 15 days to return the parts. do you think they would still exchange them?
  3. darn that really sucks it looks like one of the tall cylinders under the memory on the mobo burned out to the side. the blast went towards the pci slots i can post some pics tomorrow of the damage.
  4. My ToughPower 650 just blew as well. Does Thermaltake have a rep for blowing power supplies? Mine billowed out smoke, sparked like mad illuminating the smoke, made a huge POP'ing sound, and then it all shut down.

    I'm sure it would have been quite impressive looking if I hadn't just installed water cooling the night before and thought I had sprung a leak!

    I've had tons of PSU's die on me in my days, but never had one actually blow up before!

    I've put in a spare 500W I got with a case a while back and everything seems to work ok, though I haven't tested the 8800 yet, becouse this PSU doesn't have a second power supply for it.

    Does anyone know if the 650 should have been able to cope with my system? Current specs are E6600 at 3.7G (at 1.475v), Swiftech 655 water pump on setting '5', P5W DH Deluxe, 2G generic DDR ram (at 2.0v), the 1 large case fan, and the 2 fans for the water cooling, Audigy 2 ZS, PCI wi-fi card, 1 DVD burner, 4 72k Samsung hard drives (3 in raid, 1 as backup), G15 keyboard and G5 mouse.

    And of course I didn't keep the reciept or box, so I'm stuck choking down the price. Was only a few months old too, but Thermaltakes site said it wouldn't RMA without proof of purchase date. :(
  5. If you could remember the place you bought the PSU chances are that they keep record of the transaction and could issue you with a copy of the receipt - worth trying, and if you paid by credit card you would have record of the deal. I had have problem with a Seagate HD, by interogating the HD serial number Seagate informed me that the drive in question is under warranty and offered an RMA for a new drive, without requiring a sale receipt, sure make you feel good dealing with reputable companies, ones that stand by their products. I also have a cheap 500 watt PSU blow up with lots of smoke and sparkles but luckily the rest of the system was unaffected - a 600 watt Enermax PSU is now silently powering up the system

    Good luck
  6. Even good PSUs made by reputable companies will fail...and some even fail spectacularly. The difference is whether or not the PSU will take the rest of the system down with it. I'm surprised that PSU manufacturers out there haven't designed a PSU with built-in circuit protection for the attached components. Most of these breaker systems are old technology and are not really that expensive to implement. You can control and condition the power going into the PSU, but what about shutting down the PSUs leads when the PSU starts to go wonky? This way, you can see exactly which rail flipped its circuit and either move a few devices off that rail (because you are drawing too much power) or have grounds to replace a PSU and not have to worry about the other components in your system.
  7. If you blew a capacitor, thats it, the mobo is finished, and your SOL. I say however, wait for TT to reply, get a new PSU and see how it works.

    TT's ToughPower series is supposed to be very stable and rock-steady. Surprised that it blew on you, but no QC is 100% safe.

    One more thing... did you put everything in right? Was it the first time you booted, or was it working before and randomly died...
  8. hey i got some good luck thermaltake has a claims department. and yeah my mobo blew a capacitor i guess is whats it is called. there is a burn mark n my mobo and it was splash damage that hit my graphics card. im sending it all in today and they will make sure it was the psu fault then either replace my stuff or send me a check for the value. their claims dept. number is 1-800-988-1088 ext. 108.pretty helpfull but will take a month to complete. heck they will even pay for my ground shipping there and back :D. oh well better to wait a month than spend another grand. give them a call they seem happy to help.
  9. never happened to me! and I wouldn't want to! yikes!
    hope you get your money back!
  10. Nice that they'll look at everything. Best of luck to you.
  11. I went to Fry's today and they took back my PSU. Yay, gave me store credit so I got the most powerfull PSU they had which was a PC Power & Cooling 750W one. The Oroange one with a single 60A rail which I've a few good reviews on. They didn't give me too much of a hastle about not having the box, reciept or a couple of the cables.

    Now to pull another all nighter getting it and the radiator all wedged back in together. :) At least my puter is more dependable than a VW Bus, leaks less oil than a Harley Davidson, and costs a fraction of the price.
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