CPU charts call X2 4600 a toledo, isn't it a manchester???

I thought the X2 4600 was a manchester, not toledo and the 4400 and 4800 were toledo?

If there is in fact a 4600 toledo, is it much faster than manchester???
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  1. i believe it is a misprint. as far as i know there isnt a 4600 toledo. also.. whats with no e6300 on the charts..
  2. Now im confused. Is it a misprint or is there in fact a toledo 4600.

    They should put the E6300 on the charts, it is a very popular chip.

    If there is a toledo, is it faster than Manchester???

    I want to know becasue i have a Manchester and want to get an idea where by system lies on the charts.
  3. hmm was not aware of that. odd that toms would use those though for the charts, since theyre not nearly in as much use as the manchester versions.
  4. The Toledo chips are all made from a 2x1MB L2 mask. If the chip passes all of its test and all of the cache comes out working, it stays branded a Toledo. However, if there is a tiny defect that makes less than half of the cache not work, then the chip has 512KB of each 1MB cache bank disabled and is now called a Manchester. These chips are functionally similar to the normal Manchesters (which are made from a different mask than the Toledo and can only have 2x512KB L2 maximum) but have extra non-functional silicon. Note that all Allendale (2MB L2) Core 2 Duos are really 4MB Conroes with half of the cache turned off. Intel will shortly be introducing Allendale C2Ds made from their own 2MB-only mask.

    The real 2x1MB Toledos are faster than the Manchesters by a little bit. If you have a Manchester, it will be just a touch slower (0% to maybe 7-8% tops) than an equivalent clockspeed Toledo.
  5. MU_Engineer, you are so smart and helpful. I don't think most people knew that (including me) and to top it off you explained it clear as day. Thanks.
  6. Well, thanks! You guys here helped me out a lot on various issues too.
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