Is GeForce 7950 GX2 faster than 1x GeForce 8800 GTS?

Hello hello,
there is any benchmark out there that compare the performance of the GeForce 8800 GTS with 2x SLI GeForce 7900 or 7950?

I mean is the Geforce 8800 GTS faster than 2x GeForce 79xx series ?

Any idea?
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  1. Yes, no and maybe?
    That very much depends on which game you're looking at - and at what resolution and quality settings you're using.

    Check the full article for more benchmakrs
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  2. From what I can see the 8800 GTS consistently out performs the 7950 GX2. There are only a few instances where the 7950 GX2 out performs the 8800 GTS and that is at high resolutions. If you don't have a huge monitor then I would buy the 8800 GTS over the 7950 GX2. Heck if I had to buy a card right now I'd buy the 8800 GTS. It's ready for DX10 and it seems to perform well. But if my pockets were deep the GTX would be the way to go.

    btw this really bums me out cuz I just bought the evga 7950 GX2 just over 3 months ago. Puts me outside the Step Up program and I'm out of luck. Looks like I'm waiting a while to upgrade. I do have to say If your bent on haveing the 7950 GX2 it's a great card. Performs well and (at this point) takes anything you throw at it without hicups.
  3. EVEN if 7950GX2 can perform A LITTLE better in a FEW tests ,no one is stupid enough to buy a 7950GX2 when you can buy a least think about DX10...
  4. There might be a glimmer of hope for you on Ebay. Yes you'll take a small hit from what you paid but this is surely the time to unload that card if you want the new ones.

    Right now there are probably plenty of people that game but aren't up to date on new releases and you can probably get a decent price for your card.

    In a couple months time everyone will be aware of what we know now and you won't get nearly as much for your card.

    Its up to you but just food for thought.
  5. Well IMO if you were in the market for 7950GX2, you should be aiming at 8800GTX...

    But I would get a GTS over a GX2 anyway. The more elegant architecture should shine in future games be DX9 or 10. Also heard the GTS can be OCed closed to GTX perf.
  6. Believe me I've been considering that option. Just out of curiosty what do you think I might get for the 7950 GX2 on ebay? I do have that Newegg credit card burnin a hole in my wallet. :P
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