C2D 6400 CPU fan dropped to 843 rpm

I need a little help with my newly built rig. I have a C2D 6400 on a MSI P965 Neo-V MoBo and the CPU fan is acting up on me. I tried dynamic overclocking (Captain mode) and while running 3Dmark05 my CoreCenter interupted the test for a low CPU fan warning i.e. 843 rpm. I think it was humming at approx 1500 rpm before the test.
Before the test the CPU temps were 35C idle and 45C under load. Now at this low rpm the CPU temp is 44C at idle.
I have tried enabling and disabling CPU smart function in the BIOS but I can see no appearant change. It stays at 843-845 rpm.
Anybody any idea what happened and how I can restore the higher rpm?
Other hardware attched: 1 Gb OCZ gold dual channel PC6400, Sapphire X1900XT
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  1. Never mind.
    I was using an outdated Core Center version. Just downloaded the latest and flashed the BIOS....rpm back to 1750.
  2. If this returns you have either a bad heatsink or a bad motherboard.
    You can bypass this by disabling CPU fan warning in the Bios and connecting the fan to a molex connector.
  3. Pretty sure The Core Center software was messing things up. The old version showed a FSB of 237 and a multiplier of 9, now it shows 266 and multip of 8, as it should be.
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