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I seem to remember the badda boom or whatever drivers, and there being alot of articles on them.
The new Cat 9.8 drivers are out, and have an even greater effect on the CF perf than the nVidia drivers did at the time. I think itd make for a good quick story
Ive been digging and digging, and the i7 is suppoedly the best at cf/sli setups, but as I dig, and also according to AMD, Intels cpus arent seeing the same improvements, but even more so, its the i7s that arent, and the C2D and P2 platforms are catching up to the i7 dominance.
May be a tasty one, Cleeve, wadya think?
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  1. I agree with JDJ. Some non-biased benchmarks would be nice. Plus, I haven't seen any comments about any improvement with single cards.

    Supposedly, the 9.8's are optimized for CF on the Dragon platform - so some benchmarks from other AMD platforms would be useful.

    Also, 9.8 is taking the load off the CPU in higher resolutions on CF systems - which might explain why performance would be more pronounced on AMD and 775 systems than on the i7.
  2. E2D, what Ive seen so far is slight improvements on single cards, and also on dual cpus.
    The dual cpu seemed higher overall in perf compared to the single card setups, but both lagged way behind compared to the far
  3. Another good argument for gaming quads. :D

    I wonder if the 4870X2 is going to show the same improvement as two seperate CF cards.
  4. Theyre showing improvements from what Ive seen, just hard finding people with 4870x2 cf setups vs 2 singles
    Thw 4890s are whippin butt tho
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