Plz guys hear my plea...!!!

If i use 7600GT then can it be possible to use both 20" or 19" widescreen monitor of resolution 1680x1050 and 1440x900 for gaming?

By the way Plz help me to pick one LCD panel:

1.ViewSonic VX2025WM Black-Silver 20.1" 8ms gray-to-gray (avg.); 16ms white-black-white (typ) DVI Widescreen

2.SAMSUNG 205BW Black 20" 6ms DVI Widescreen

3.Acer AL1916W Ab Black 19" 5ms Widescreen

which one is great for gaming widescreen 19"(1440x900) or 20"(1680x1050)?

or should I stick to my 17" CRT?
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  1. Some games support multiple monitor, Flight Simulator on top of my head.

    Most dont, and with such a 'small' card I would expect it to driver ~3000X2000 resolution anyway! and the different res would make your mouse 'jump'
  2. I have an X800GTO... and I use a 19'' and a 21'' wide together. And I use different resolutions for both. My ATI Catalyst/Omega controls that.

    Go with biggest monitor You can afford........
  3. Not for gamin though.

    I did dual monitor with a 21'' CRt and 19" LCd and is was fine for office use, just not for gaming
  4. hi labbby are u saying 19" or 20" is not perfect for gaming rather than office use cuz I play a lot and my main concern is gaming.
  5. i really like the new benq 20.1 inch LCDs (1680x1050) -- and my setup with 3 in portrait works great for gaming and movies... I put up a short instructable here ... with links to the items I bought..

  6. Yeeeaaaaahhhh..., but two black bars dividing the picture into thirds is something I don't find particularly attractive.
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