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I just picked up a used Opteron 144 and Biostar TForce 6100-939 off eBay. I have really cheap PC2700 RAM (Left over from my Socket A system. Woot!) so I have to cut the speed of the RAM way down to do any kind of overclocking. Is this self-defeating? The best overclock I've gotten with stock voltages so far is is 2.6GHz (289*9) and that's not entirely stable so I usually back it off to around 2.4GHz.

I feel like it's the memory holding things back. Should I try bumping the voltage on the RAM up some? Bumping up the voltage on the processor? At what speed do Opty's usually start requiring overvolting? Processor temp is fine. I have no way of checking the temp of the RAM. I don't have heatspreaders on the RAM. Are they necessary?
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  1. Gee... no replies. Thanks guys! Anyway, I bought some HyperX PC4000 RAM and have no trouble getting 2.6GHz stable while playing Half-Life 2. System will boot at 2.8 but it won't play any games. I'm happy with 2.6.
  2. Yea its the memory...PC2700 is ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY.
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