Black screen with windows explorer only???

well, I have some serious problem with my windows 7...I'm running ultimate version OS...I think it started 2 days ago, when my tune up utilities 2010 had warn me of some error, but unfortunately, I didn't pay my attention and skipped checking that mistake, cuz I thought it was just some minor update I run tune up update again and it prompted me to restart system for updates sake, and I've done it...aaaand after logged on to my account there was only black screen and windows explorer on it...I tried to restore system before last update with no success...I already saw some possible solutions for that on other sites, but I thought would be wise to check in here, just in, anyone, any idea what might be the problem here???

thanks in advance!!!
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  1. is your copy of windows 7 activated and/or have a valid cd key?
  2. yeah, it was...and I had success loading explorer again, and all was looking fine, but when I reboot again, the same shite I formated partition and will install fresh copy today...crap... :fou:
  3. RED FLAG..., Tune up utilities for Windows 7..., dude, that sounds like your problem.
  4. could be, it might have messed up your registry instead of repairing or cleaning it
  5. That'd definitely do it...
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