Lost File and printer sharing

For about a week, I have lost File and Printer sharing on my Win XP Pro LAN, which has 3 computers, #s1-3. In Network Neighborhood/workgroup of each computer, I can see the other two computers on the LAN.
I do have full access to computer #3 but not to the other two computers.

I can ping from #1 to #3 but not from #1 to #2.
I can ping from #3 to #1 but not from #3 to #2.
I can ping from #3 to both #1 and #2.
So in this respect, #2 is the most problematical.

The 4-port LAN router (DI-604) is not causing a problem with internet connection.

When the software firewall (NetDefense) is shut off, there is no change in the situation.

In the Network Connections/TCP/IP, on the Advanced tab, on computer #2, the message is “Windows cannot display the properties of this network connection. Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) information might be corrupted. Again, computer #2 looks more problematical than the other two computers.

However, on computers #2 and 3, the Advanced tab is accessible. I can see there that the Win XP Firewall is off.

I have run from the command prompt on all computers the command “nbtstat –n” to show the browser master information (MS Computer Browsing Service). The only odd thing is that on computer #1 (the browser master), the workgroup name appears both as a “group” and as “unique”.

System Restore does not help.
I have run Windows Network Wizard, but it fails at the end, saying “Wizard could not complete because of an error.” But no error is given.

I have uninstalled Windows Printer and File sharing; I have run “Winsockfix”, both to no avail.

I have considered resetting the ICP/IP on computer #2 but it seems quite risky.

Thanks in advance for your expert help.
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  1. Shot in Dark,

    There is a section to allow connection with in specific subnets and/or IP address. Don't remember where it's at. Also check the advance settings MS firewall settings. There are some option to block all kind of stuff I don't know about.
  2. Thank you for the reply but I don't know what this means:

    "There is a section to allow connection with in specific subnets and/or IP address. "
    Best, CMA
  3. There is some advanced firewall features in MS. In that section, where I can't remember where I saw it at. In this section you have options to block Specific IP and /or subnets. In that section you can allow access from IP groups or singles. This is for home networks, it may be part of file sharing.

    I have a NAS that I use to move files around. So I don't need to open up computers for file sharing.

    Have you tried swaping ports on the router/switch to see if it follows the computer. Some routers, also have a section within the firewall settings, that allow you to setup rules for access. Including ping and file sharing.

    I only mention this since you and other, including my self have run out of ideas. You have been looking exclusively at the PC's, The problem may lie in the router.
  4. I can ping from #3 to #1 but not from #3 to #2.
    I can ping from #3 to both #1 and #2.

    You have some conflict in the description here. Can either of your computers ping #2? Can #2 see the Internet? Is print and file sharing on in computer #2? Sounds like someone has messed with the Network configuration in computer #2. You need a network card, client and a transport (language) TCP/IP on each machine. Possibly netbui or others in addition to TCP/IP Check that they all look the same.
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