How do these websites compare?

I read one of the other forums and found out about, i visited it and it was awesome, i had formerly been using, then i moved here and made this my new tech house, then i found out about atomic like an hour ago.

So my question is:

How does Th compare to Atomic in terms of news,forums, reliability and accuracy?
i have heard alot of complaints from the readers here on TH about the articles on the home page.

and how does PCMag compare to Atomic and TH?

I still like this site for it's uber new and forums over PCMag's but i am also going to join atomicif it turns out ti be a site just as reliable as TH

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  1. I think the Forums are pretty decent (at atomic). Not as busy as here, but kind of the same topics,etc.
    I like their layout is MUCH better than here at TH. PCmag, lol haven't read it for like...ever. I mainly come here or go to anand for news. Forums here or at xtremesystems, or xtremecpu and recently OCF.
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