Gaming rig for under $600

Das Bookkeeper says under 600 please...

4)Video Card

I have a good HD, cd rom, etc. I want World of Warcraft to run smooth, even in the zerg rush at Nef. This system should last me 3 years or so.

Help !

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  1. Don't you need a processor also?
  2. C2D 6300, 2gb RAM, decent PS, 7600...and just get any old crappy case, who cares what it looks like.
  3. Doh, yah Processor also ! Silly ME.
  4. If you've got PC 3200 layin around, you could go with this
    and a X1950Pro
    that leaves about $100. for a case and power supply.
  5. I love you man !!!!!! Looooveeeee exciting and newwwwww....

    'falls over'

  6. That mobo uses a VIA chipset. I'm not the only one who will suggest that VIA bytes big bones. I'm not sure that SiS chipsets, also cheap, are on anyone's love list either.
    Sorry to be critical without suggesting an alternative, but unfortunately, I did not find another DDR C2D mobo that isn't also VIA.
  7. Pentium D 805 $90
    geforce 7600 Gt $120
    1 gig pqi turbo $100
    ecs mobo $60
    rest is yours to pick!

    get a Pentium D tho its cheap and will last awhile unless you can squeeze out $100 for conroe.
  8. Quote:
    That mobo uses a VIA chipset. I'm not the only one who will suggest that VIA bytes big bones. I'm not sure that SiS chipsets, also cheap, are on anyone's love list either.

    VIA used to be teh_r0x0r, but I've barely heard their name uttered of late. SiS have always been crap.
  9. I mainly suggested this as a means to start a gradual upgrade. Some places are running an E6300 and this board for around $180.00 US. Its a OK way to start If you've got "legacy" hardware and can't afford to do the whole upgrade at once. If your a poor person like me and can't dump 2 grand but want to get something close to modern I'd take this alternative even with a mediocre chipset. The board is a piece of hardware that can be replaced in a couple of months with little or no regrets and a good amount of appriciation for the ability to switch over gradually. It just takes some patience and discipline. :)
  10. True, Via sucks but...

    Via chipset < Conroe

    If he can afford Conroe he should go for it. On the other hand, if he can land some DDR value ram and a cheap 939 board, he could get the A64 3000+ from me for about $45. He should look at Antec PSU's, they have some good cheapies. I built my friend a little system for about $900 a few months ago, he even has a great monitor and a small raptor. He still needs to upgrade his graphics and PSU, but he's got 2 gigs of Corsair XMS ram and he's Vista ready and he's playing his CS game just fine. He loves it!
  11. Fair enough.
  12. Heres a decent setup for a budget gaming system under $600.00:

    CPU Core 2 Duo E6300

    Mobo Intel 965 chipset


    Case w/430 watt PSU

    Video Nvidia 7600 GS

    Grand Total $573.32 Before shipping, etc.

    You could cut some corners on Case and save about $20 - $25 bucks, but the one listed has a decent power supply, Cooler Master is making some nice PSU's for budget lately and I've used several and am well pleased.

    Though here is an alternative from Enermax They also make some good PSU's and it's about $20.00 cheaper has dual 12 volt rails and is 400 watts.

    The only real difference is that I like the styling of the Cooler Master case better, either one should be a good case with a good quality PSU. (though the Enermax PSU is probably the better one being it has dual 12 volt rails)
  13. Not really, the two aren't that much different, and AMD is going to be changing sockets again very soon. If he wants any decent upgradeability, he needs to get a Conroe board that supports quad. As of now I can't think of a reason we really even need quad...but for upgradeability it's a pretty good bet. The only 680i board out right now I think is made by eVga.
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